Loudoun Property Insulation Solutions


Loudoun Property Management, LLC is the exclusive Distributor / Installer of TEMP-COAT® Brand Products in Virginia and does business under the trade name Loudoun Property Insulation Solutions. 

TEMP-COAT – Products Designed to Save Energy and Preserve Assets.Our premier product is TEMP-COAT® - the very best and oldest name in liquid ceramic insulations.

TEMP-COAT® is a general purpose thin film liquid pliable latex barrier form of insulation that has many uses for Industry, Commerce, and the Home Owner. Its sprayed on liquid ceramic coating offers superior insulating qualities. TEMP-COAT provides protection against ultraviolet rays, heat and cold, wind, rain, rust, vapors, mildew, and water. It provides superior energy savings and inhibits rust, thus elongating the life of the asset. 

Thermal Insulation – TEMP-COAT is a very special product that supplies a UV resistant solar reflective heat shield during the summer and a thermal radiant barrier during the winter. TEMP-COAT is a US Department of Energy ENERGY STAR certified green approved product. TEMP-COAT Ceramic Insulation provides full-time, year-round insulation protection and rust control with one easy to install coat of product that lasts for years. 

At times of high solar activity and heat, its highly reflective surface reduces the need for cooling energy in the summer. During summer months, TEMP-COAT will reduce the temperature under the surface to which it is applied by up to 20 degrees in direct sunlight. During the colder months, the product provides a thermal barrier which retains warmth, increasing interior temperature up to 20 degrees; thus significantly reducing the need for heating energy. TEMP-COAT dramatically decreases the need for energy use in the building to which it is applied so it provides a significant year-round energy use cost savings. We estimate that your energy savings will be at least 15% and the Return On your Investment will be realized between 12 – 14 months in energy savings.


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